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"Carol Skarimbas as Heidi and Julie Hanson as her younger self, bring the beautiful “One More Kiss” to glorious life." - StageDoorSTL

“Not long after the curtain goes up on Carousel at the Walnut Street Theatre, when the petite Julie Hanson begins to sing ‘If I Loved You’ like a songbird at sunrise, you know it’s going to be a really good night.”- Howard Shapiro, Philadelphia Enquirer


Meet Me in St. Louis

“STAGES has found a winner in Julie Hanson who plays Esther, in love with ‘the boy next door’. Her sweet and winsome ways are only outdone by her pure and angelic singing voice.”- Steve Allen, KFUO

The Phantom of the Opera

“ perfect as the earnest ingénue who is learning her craft from the creepy, but adoring Phantom.”-Channing Gray, Journal Arts Writer- Providence, RI


“Hanson plays Christine beautifully, amazing the audience with her larger-than-life voice...” -Jeremy Steele, The State News- East Lansing, MI


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